WE ARE ALL Curtigghiari


“Cook and chat” represents what we are and what we want to transmit veryday to our guests, prefering conviviality, relations and the joy of staying togheter.

Our vision is tipically italian, with dishes – huge and tasty in their simplicity – that remember a traditiona family reunion, in a location where to feel welcome as in your home.

Emanuela, a real roman woman, our inspiring muse, built an imaginary bridge between her city and the Sicily, hugging all the southern Italy, with its traditions, tastes and… quantities!

From carbonara to norma, from gricia to horse meatballs, from caponata to eggplant’s balls, but also pizzas, to finish with cannolo with ricotta cheese or tiramisù.

This is Curtigghiu, but also more than this. Come and talk with us: you can find us at number 43 among the restaurants in Santa Filomena’s street!

We like the South Italy!

So passionate, so in love with southern cuisine that we tried, like magicians in the kitchen, to always give it different shapes. Sometimes our typical dishes become pizzas, sometimes sandwiches.
The typical ingredients of each region become starting points to create new courses. In fact, from this inspiration comes the Calabrese pizza, with spicy salami and nduja, or the Parmigiana, which contains one of the Sicilian dishes par excellence, or Cacio e pepe, which takes its name from the pasta of the same name.
Directly from Rome comes the Gricia hambuger, where we combine pork and pecorino cheese with beef, or even Catanese, with eggplant parmigiana, salted ricotta and basil. Do you want to feel like a real Sicilian doc? And then don't miss the Pane cunzato, a stuffed bread, directly from the most popular tables, or the Palermitano sandwich, which brings to the table the street food par excellence of the Sicilian capital: the panelle, made with chickpea flour!