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Are you out shopping and feeling a bit peckish? And that craving might be for a carbonara with zucchini flowers, or a stuffed focaccia? Or perhaps a quicker break, just enough time for a slice of cake and off you go?

Curtigghiu at I Portali triples its offering of goodness by adding to the “Cucina e Chiacchiere” menu a wide selection of baked goods and homemade-style sweets: discover “Pizzainpala” , our pizzeria, and “Pane e Zucchero“, for cakes and desserts, our new goodness corners.


Continuing in the spirit of sharing that distinguishes us, Pizzainpala is born, a format designed to bring more flavors to the table in a single oversized pizza to be enjoyed all together. We use a blend of nine cereals for our selected flour and a long maturation dough for a soft and ultra-light result, offering Mediterranean flavors that we’ve always loved bringing to the table. And what else? Fried pizzas, stuffed pizzas… no more spoilers! Come try them out!


Ristorante Pinseria a Catania centro

Pane e zucchero, bread and sugar, is our mothers’ and even our grandmothers’ snack: simple, tasty, and certainly nutritious. From this memory, we took inspiration for Curtigghiu’s sweet corner where you can find delicious treats in line with our style: genuine and as good as homemade. Come enjoy them whenever you like: for breakfast, a snack, or as dessert… bread and sugar included, of course, for a trip down memory lane!


Also in the curtigghiaro spirit of sharing comes PIzzainpala, a format designed to bring multiple flavors to the table in one oversized pizza to be eaten all together. Selected nine-grain flour, long-ripening dough for a soft and ultra-light result, for proposals with the Mediterranean flavors we love to bring to the table all along. And what else? Fried pizzas, stuffed pizzas…enough spoilers! Come and try them out!



where can you find us?

Parco Commerciale “I Portali”
Viale Cristoforo Colombo 13,
S. Giovanni La Punta – 95137



*Per il Sabato sera e la domenica a pranzo è possibile prenotare telefonicamente al numero +39 095 586 1352

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