"Carni fa carni,
pani fa panza
e vinu fa danza"

Our specialities





  • Curtigghiu fries €5,00

    with topping options: cheddar +€1 or gricia +€1,50

  • Diavoletti €8,00

    fried pizza dough with arugula, parmesan shavings and cherry tomatoes (good for 2 people)

  • Caponata Jar €5,00

    with bread croutons (take the jar with you: +€3)

  • Fried dough and raw ham €8,00
  • Aubergine parmigiana €5,00
  • Caprese Palermitana €6,00

    Fried "panelle" (chickpeas fritters), buffalo mozzarella, dried tomatoes, pistachio

  • Potato croquettes €6,00

    Potato croquettes with mint (try them with 'nduja +€1)

  • Eggplant meatballs €8,00

    Norma style, with tomato sauce, grated salted ricotta cheese and basil

  • Sicilian fried food €10,00

    Typical Sicilian dish of mixed french fries, potatoes croquettes, chickpeas fritters and fried pizza dough (good for 2 people)


  • Carbonara with courgette flowers €12,00

    Crispy cured pork cheek, pecorino romano cheese, eggs and black pepper (also available in the traditional version)

  • Amatriciana with buffalo ricotta €12,00

    Crispy cured pork cheek, pecorino romano cheese, tomato sauce, black pepper and buffalo ricotta (also available in the traditional version)

  • Cacio e Pepe and potatoes €10,00

    Pecorino romano cheese, potatoes cream and black pepper (also available in the traditional version)

  • Gricia e carciofi €12,00

    Crispy cured pork cheek, artichokes and pecorino romano cheese

  • Pasta mezze maniche €12,00

    with pistachio and bufala cheese

  • Tagliatelle €12,00

    with red squid ragout, toasted breadcrumbs, wild fennel

  • Lasagna Eoliana €12,00

    with swordfish, cherry tomatoes, mint, aubergine

  • Gnocchi alla sorrentina €10,00

    with tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and stringy mozzarella

Main Courses

  • Grilled entrecote €14,00

    with potato cream, crispy bacon and aragula

  • Grilled Veal fillet €16,00

    with porcini mushrooms

  • Grandma's meatballs €14,00

    with macco broad beans and sun-dried tomatoes

  • Baked chicken wings €12,00

    with barbecue sauce, chips and cheddar cheese

  • Vegetables Millefeuille €12,00

    Grilled vegetables, melted smokef cheese, honey and nuts

  • Grilled swordfish Rolls €12,00

    with orange and fennell

  • Fried squids €10,00

    with 'nduja

  • Salmon steak €13,00

    with potatoes, pea cream and thyme

  • Arrosticini abruzzesi €12,00

    Barbecued lamb skewers with tomatoes and onion salad and grated salted ricotta cheese

Kids menu

  • Pasta with tomato €7,00

    sauce and parmesan/salted ricotta cheese

  • Pasta with basil pesto €7,00
  • Chicken schnitzel €10,00

    served with french fries

  • Beef Burger and french fries €8,00

    + freshly baked bread €2

  • Sausages and french fries €8,00

    + freshly baked bread €2

Sandwiches and "cucciddati"

Homemade baked bread

  • Hamburger Gricia €12,00

    hamburger, crispy bacon, pecorino cheese, fresh tomato, iceberg

  • Ca' Cutuletta €10,00

    crispy chicken, fresh tomato, iceberg, cheddar

  • Cucciddatu Co' Pisci €12,00

    Cucciddatu bread with fresh salmon, buffalo mozzarella, lettuce, avocado

  • Cucciddatu Al Crudo €10,00

    Cucciddatu bread with raw ham, fresh tomato, aragula, parmesan flakes

  • Cucciddatu Catanese €10,00

    Cucciddatu bread with with aubergine parmigiana

  • Cucciddatu Palermitano €10,00

    Cucciddatu bread with panelle (chickpeas fritters), mortadella, lemon zest, pistachio


  • Norma €10,00

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, fried aubergines, basil pesto, grated salted ricotta cheese

  • Bufalina €10,00

    Cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella, raw ham, parmesan (all raw)

  • Mortadella €10,00

    Buffalo mortadella, shredded mozzarella cheese, pistachio

  • Porcini e Guanciale €10,00

    mozzarella cheese, porcini mushrooms, crispy bacon,

  • Fiori di Zucca €10,00

    Buffalo mozzarella, courgette flowers, anchovies, toasted almonds

  • 'Nduja €10,00

    tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spicy salami, ‘nduja



  • Chicken with curry €12,00

    Stir-fried chicken pieces with curry, coconut milk and white rice

  • Pumpkin velouté €10,00

    with goat cheese and toasted almonds

  • Broad beans cream €10,00

    with crispy bacon and roman pecorino cheese fondue

  • Caesar Salad €10,00

    crispy chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan shavings, croutons and yogurt sauce

  • Salmon salad €10,00

    Fresh spinach, fresh salmon, feta cheese, avocado, chopped walnuts


  • Angioletti €6,00

    fried dough with Nutella cream and icing sugar

  • Salame turco €6,00

    chocolate salami

  • Shortcrust baskets €6,00

    with cream and cinnamon

  • Crème brulée €6,00
  • Tiramisù DOC €6,00
  • Molten chocolate cake €6,00
  • Molten pistachio cake €6,00
  • Ricotta cheese, honey and almonds €6,00

    in a jar